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Bricks and Bones ([personal profile] bricks_and_bones) wrote2013-02-02 10:53 am
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This is what is wrong with both feet right now. (A little worse in the right foot than the left foot.)

SO I can stop feeling horrible about it and move on with life at this point, right? Traprock is in April. This coming week I will be resting: standing as little as possible, walking as little as possible, not running at all. (It will be fun with 2 active young children and a husband who is also not quite on his feet yet.)

I will be swimming as much as possible all week, with a pull buoy to drag my legs behind me.

Next week: easy runs on as flat a surface as I can find -- probably the old carriage roads and access/fire roads. Hills, apparently, worsen this condition.

Week after: trying to build back up to normal runs.

Week right before the race: rest.