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Name:Bricks and Bones
Birthdate:May 4
My name's Saralinda and I am using this journal to record my thoughts on running, nature, nutrition, body, and everything relating to outdoor adventures. A bit about me: I'm 35 and have two children (ages almost-3 and almost-7). I am a little addicted to running, to say the least. My other hobbies are online RPGs and nerdy things like that. Up until recently I used my hard-earned MA and PhD degrees in English to teach college writing, but I don't do that anymore. I'm a published literary scholar, true story!!! In an unrelated true story, I was also in a roller coaster accident when I was ten. I'm married to a great guy who is one of those elite runners that actually win things.

All in all I like my life a lot right now. Things seem to be evening out even though I am going through major life changes in regards to my career, but I am finally getting to be okay with that. It's like snakes. When a snake molts, it comes out a shinier and better and newer snake. And you never want to touch the old skin because it might have salmonella on it: this I learned from my snake-owning sister. I firmly believe we molt and become different people every five years or so, and I am passing through one of those five-year gateways. It's okay. That's just how life is.

I tend to be pretty high-energy and enthusiastic and to channel a lot of that into specific passions, like running and writing and family. Sometimes it leaves me feeling pretty zonked out.

All of my userpics relate somehow to Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of my favorite TV shows.

"Saralinda" is a username that I chose a long time ago for Livejournal. It is the name of the princess in James Thurber's "The Thirteen Clocks," for those who are interested in such details.

"Bricks and Bones" is a name I took from something that my then 4-year-old daughter said to me one day:

"Mommy, when God made you, She made you out of bricks and bones. And when She made daddy, She made him out of a little water and a pencil."

Oddly I return to that little-kid observation whenever things seem hard. And another little-kid observation, though this from a stranger's child: "We live underneath the pictures we paint."

Yup. We do.
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