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Bricks and Bones ([personal profile] bricks_and_bones) wrote2013-01-17 08:47 pm

Traprock 50

I think I have almost settled on running the Traprock 50k in early April. It looks like a fun, well-run event and isn't too much of a hike from at least my parents' house. I could stay there and leave early and make it to the race.

Other than THAT, not a whole bunch has been going on in my running universe. I made a page over at the Fit Fatties site, because I like that place, and have been doing a lot of cross training as far as rowing and swimming. I am amazed at how much my swimming has improved through rowing. I can move more easily through the water, now. I even bought a new suit, a dolphin uglies practice suit. This is my third uglies and my preferred brand now, while I used to be a loyal Speedo fan. They are just so CHEAP. And good! Suits don't last long, frankly. They get stretched out and draggy within a few months, so I would much rather pay $15 for a decent practice suit (YEAH IT IS CHRISTMAS-THEMED, SO WHAT! IT WAS CHEAP!) than $70-80 for the Speedo brand name.

It has little reindeer and Christmas ornaments and holly sprigs all over it. Oh well.

This weekend I am hoping to put in some decent hours on the trails. We recently got some nice snow and I expect by Saturday it will be well packed down! Love it!!