Jun. 19th, 2013

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This is my new running partner, Barq.

Barq is a retired sled dog who used to compete in 10K sprint sled races in Alaska. My friends adopted him and asked me to run with him, since they understand he needs regular running to stay fit. He is all muscle. We did 5 miles together last night and I don’t think I’ve ever run the trails that fast. He had no problem pulling me up the hills. It was a little like sprinting while simultaneously doing bicep curls. Barq is part pointer, part Alaskan malamute (which probably explains the blue eyes). I will probably only run shorter distances with him, but I know he could easily do the long runs with me. It’s a huge learning curve to figure out how to run with a strong dog on a leash after being a solo act for so long, especially on the technical downhills. In other news, my heart and aorta ultrasounds came back NORMAL. In other words, no one can explain to me why I got the blood clot that caused me to lose my vision. I now have monocular vision, which I can cope with really well on some days while on others it seriously screws with my sense of balance and gives me vertigo. I am hopeful it will continue to improve, though, and that eventually my vision gets closer to normal. I signed up for the Brookvale 50K ultra in August and I’m keen on getting there in one piece and two eyes on the trail.


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