bricks_and_bones: (The hell??)
Bricks and Bones ([personal profile] bricks_and_bones) wrote2013-06-03 01:58 pm

Heart Stuff

I have two tests this week! A heart echocardiogram tomorrow, and an aortic something something ultrasound on Thursday. I am eager to get these over with.

As far as running goes, this weekend was all about getting acclimated to 90+ degree heat. Not my favorite thing at all -- I would much prefer running in freezing weather to hot weather. Yesterday I ran about 7 miles or so, and the day before that I ran about 10K. It's the time of year when I need my anti-chafing cream! Hurrah!

I use the Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick.

I find it works really well. I can usually go 3 hours on one application, which is nice, and it glides on very easily. Not messy at all. I just keep it in my car so I can grab it before I hit the trails.

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