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Special! Video Blog + Post-Sandy Photos

Some nice shots of the Warm-up trail:

Uh oh -- big trees down over the trail up to Moon Hill!!

At the top of Moon Hill -- I always feel like I should be screaming Heathcliff's name or something. The run up to the top of this hill from the beginning of the trail typically takes me around 14-15 minutes on average. ALL UPHILL! Some winter night under a full moon with lots of snow, I want to grab a few friends and do a night run here.

One of the more steep, technical uphill runs: the leaves are covering a very shifty trail covered with loose stones:

A nice long downhill bit, now -- and a big fallen log! This is actually one of the more dangerous trails to run on, even though it doesn't exactly look it. The footing is treacherous.

Swamp; there's a beaver dam in this one on the other side:

This was a very Schindler's List-y Shot of some child's lost red umbrella:

An extremely steep-grade, rocky trail on the other side of the swamp: (on days when I'm feeling blah? I usually walk this one.)

Burning bush:

Part of a massive tangle of fallen bittersweet that was blocking the trail:

The sun tries to force its way out!

Wait, where'd the trail go? And who's getting me that machete for Christmas?

Gleaming wet leaves under a watery sun:

I love this tree:

Lots of roads diverging in a yellow wood:

The swamp trail, firm, gravelly, and forgiving:

God help anyone who was trapped in these portable toilets during the storm:

View of the massive rip tide from Pavilion Beach:

Otherwise? There looked to be very little damage down that way.

The salt marsh, one of my favorite places: so flooded!

And last but not least, a downhill run!