bricks_and_bones: (martinis!)
Bricks and Bones ([personal profile] bricks_and_bones) wrote2013-12-03 02:46 pm

50 Miles Done.

I ran my 50-miler at the beginning of this month. Here’s me at Mile 45:

That was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, physically. The major reason for that was that I ran it injured, with severe tendonitis in both ankles on top of plantar.

Now I’m kinda paying the price. Most mornings I can barely walk, and even though I’ve been working out low-impact (x-trainer machine, stationary rower), I really haven’t seen any improvement. All of this is contributing to my depression. For one thing, I used running (as many people do) to combat depression, so NOT running is affecting me negatively. I think it’s normal to have a post-race downer, especially if it’s a race you have been training for for YEARS. But man — I’d give anything to not have pain and be able to get out and run the trails right now. This is perfect running weather!

This winter I am hoping my tendonitis clears up enough for snowboarding and snowshoeing, and hopefully some winter hikes. There is nothing more fun than hiking in the snow. I love it. I really want to get to a place in a couple of months where I can participate in that again.

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